Saturday Morning! 

Saturday morning we had daily Mass, an awesome men’s/ women’s session, confession, workshop rounds, and got to meet Father Mike Schmitz! We spent a lot of time reflecting and worshiping our amazing Father.  

Father Mike Schmitz preached the homily at daily mass and focused on trust in God.  He analyzed the bible story of the the three brothers who refused to worship their king because God was the true King.  The country’s king sentenced the three brothers to burn to death in a furnace. The king tested God and asked, “Will your God save you from this?”.  The oldest brother answered,”He can save us, but if He doesn’t,  I still belong to Him.” This is the strongest form of trust.  The brothers were sent into the furnace, but didn’t burn, and were instead were joined by the Son of Man.  Father Mike taught us today this when we are facing obstacles in our life: I know you can save me, but even if you don’t, you are still my Lord and I trust in You.

Saturday afternoon/night was filled with another round of Workshops, a talk on pornagrahy (by Father Mike Schmitz), and a very dramatic and beautiful Adoration.  Many students fainted by the powerful presence of Jesus our King.  Father Mike Schmitz carried Jesus around the crowd, using the Monstrance.  The amazing night was finished with small group time. 

Multiple students have expressed that they never want to leave this conference because the constant presence of God in the people around them.  This environment is truly beautiful, thank you for praying for us!


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