Sunday at Steubenville

Saturday Night Adoration at Steubenville is so powerful and spirit-filled.  We all had an awesome experience of the Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  The Eucharistic Procession was amazing, Fr Mike Schmitz walked all around the arena carrying the Monstrance, it came so close to us, where we were kneeling and praying, we could almost touch Jesus.  And the worship music had us all worshiping like we never have before.  In small group that night we shared our personal experiences and of God’s Merciful Love.

As we woke this morning, we were still filled with love and fervor for God, we were excited to get back to the conference, but also a little sad that this is the last day.  We know we have to go home, but we want to find a way to take this fervor and love with us, so that it is a part of our daily lives.  And sure enough, that’s what the Sunday Morning Session was about: the steps we can take to make Jesus a part of our daily lives; Frequent Mass and confession, Adoration, Scripture reading, youth group and spiritual friendship to keep us accountable.  Some of this we already do some of, but we were encouraged to be more intentional about it.  Pray for us as we work to Elevate our relationship with God.  

Sunday Morning Mass was a double bishop Mass, Bishop Powers from the diocese of Superior and Bishop Quinn of the Winona Minnesota diocese.

After the conference, we went hiking in Quarry Hill Park, it was good to get some fresh air and move our bodies after three days of sitting in conferences.  Back at the Hotel, we enjoyed small group sharing, swimming, pizza and fun.


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