Mission Camp, Day One

This year’s Mission Camp boasts twenty Middle School Campers from St Peter and Resurrection Parishes. We started camp with a little team building exercises, a lesson about Mission Discipleship from Tom Gauger and a nice talk from our Missionary Priest, Fr. Augustine, about his missionary experiences in the Himilaian Mountains.

Being properly prepared and encouraged, we headed out to our first Mission Site, St Peter School Playground. The playground was in desperate need of an overhaul, so we worked hard in the hot sun to redefine the playground layout, remove unwanted vegetation, and lay down copious amounts of mulch to pad the play areas. Once finished, we looked back on the work we’d done with a sense of accomplishment, the playground is now restored to a beautiful and safe state. We know the young children will enjoy many hours of fun here.

Many hands make light work. We finished quicker than we thought so we decided to weed and beautify the St Peter Cemetery also, we were surprised by the number of names we recognized and took great reverence in cleaning around each grave.

After Mass in St George Chapel, we enjoy dinner and a movie, “Heaven is for Real”, followed by discussion about how our actions reflect our beliefs..


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