Rainy Hike

The rain poured down, we got soaked.

Called for a ride, thank you Wittenberger Bus.

We hiked 5.5 of the 7 mile trail.

Still joyful in the Lord. Happy to be warmer at Holy Hill.


World Youth Day Retreat

We Are the Servants of the Lord

We had a great pilgrimage retreat in preparation for World Youth Day Panama. Packed our bags in practice for Panama, and hiked 10 miles on the Ice Age Trail to Holy Hill. We enjoyed great team bonding as we each shared something we learned about Panama, The Spansih language, and the Patron Saints of this World Youth Day; we also enjoyed the beauty of God’s Creation on the Ice Age Trail and Holy Hill.

We prayed Holy Hour and Vespers with the friars, and we camped out in a field, working as a team to set up camp, share our food rations and enjoy comradere around the campfire.

We discovered the main principles of Pilgrimage, whether for a trip like this or for the pilgrimage of life:

  1. Bring a Joyful Spirit
  2. Travel light
  3. If you see a restroom, use it
  4. If you are offered food or water, receive it
  5. Share what you have with all
  6. Be concerned for your fellow companions
  7. Put your talents and gifts to work for the benefit of all and the Greater Glory of God
  8. Offer up your pain and suffering with Christ’s on the Cross, for your benefit and the benefit of all
  9. Have an Attitude of Gratitude for all things
  10. Glorify God in all things

Speak your Word in me, Lord, and let your Will be done.

Friday at Steubenville

The opening session was very inspiring, we were challenged to be more authentic in our relationship with God. When we first got there, we went to a Traveler’s mass with many other teens. After mass, we listened to music and we got to preview the speakers and adoration. After the night was over, the group headed back to the hotel and we had small group time where we discussed what we learned.

Steubenville 2018

We began our pilgrimage to Steubenville Rochester with stop at a beautiful Wisconsin Spiritual Hot-Spot, Rudolph Grotto Gardens and Wonder Cave, the life work of Father Phillip Wagner, in Thanksgiving to Our Lord and Our Lady. This was an awesome spiritual experience, you have to visit, just 15 minutes west of Steven’s Point, incredible shrines, chapel and the spectacular cave of shrines.

Our next stop was at Decon Bob’s cabin, where we stayed the night. There we went swimming and hung out getting closer as a group and preparing ourselves for the spiritual journey of the Stuebenville conference.