Saturday Morning! 

Saturday morning we had daily Mass, an awesome men’s/ women’s session, confession, workshop rounds, and got to meet Father Mike Schmitz! We spent a lot of time reflecting and worshiping our amazing Father.  

Father Mike Schmitz preached the homily at daily mass and focused on trust in God.  He analyzed the bible story of the the three brothers who refused to worship their king because God was the true King.  The country’s king sentenced the three brothers to burn to death in a furnace. The king tested God and asked, “Will your God save you from this?”.  The oldest brother answered,”He can save us, but if He doesn’t,  I still belong to Him.” This is the strongest form of trust.  The brothers were sent into the furnace, but didn’t burn, and were instead were joined by the Son of Man.  Father Mike taught us today this when we are facing obstacles in our life: I know you can save me, but even if you don’t, you are still my Lord and I trust in You.

Saturday afternoon/night was filled with another round of Workshops, a talk on pornagrahy (by Father Mike Schmitz), and a very dramatic and beautiful Adoration.  Many students fainted by the powerful presence of Jesus our King.  Father Mike Schmitz carried Jesus around the crowd, using the Monstrance.  The amazing night was finished with small group time. 

Multiple students have expressed that they never want to leave this conference because the constant presence of God in the people around them.  This environment is truly beautiful, thank you for praying for us!


Friday at Steubenville 

This was our first experience of Steubenville Youth Conference for many of us, we were excited and curious about what we would experience.  The conference started with Mass and a Rosary procession celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Fatima, a very solemn and holy experience.

The first speaker of the conference, Paul Kim, is hilarious and relevant when speaking about the faith and our experience as teenagers, he challenged us to take our faith seriously and more intentionally.  Adoration was awesome last night. We are especially looking forward to hearing from Fr. Michael Schmitz.

We ate breakfast at the hotel this morning and are all fueled up for a full day of the conference! Pray for us today and we will pray for you!

Steubenville Pilgrimage

We started our trip with Morning Mass at St Peter.  Father Rick gave us a beautiful Pilgrims Blessing for our travels.  Our first stop was Durwards Glen Retreat Center for a  day of “mission work” to prepare our hearts to experience Jesus more profoundly at Steubenville.  We spent the afternoon doing a variety of “handi-work” for the retreat center, beautifying the grounds and helping to clean up from their latest event featuring “Bagpipes on the Glen.” Father Kurz came to visit us in the evening and stayed for a delicious dinner.  

After dinner we gathered with some of the local parishioners to pray the Rosary at the “Mary Mother of God” Shrine. Then Cathy told us about the History of Durwards Glen; we were impressed with how the Durward Family brought the beauty of Creation together with their love of God.  We enjoyed free time in the evening, playing games, exploring the beautiful Glen and learning a little about each other like,”if Kevin does it, don’t do it”.

Tomorrow we will do a little more work in the retreat center before continuing our journey to Steubenville.  We are excited for the beginning of the Youth Conference.  Thank you for your love and support, we are praying for you.

We Believe

To start our day, we went to daily Mass like usual. Though we forgot that it was the holy feast of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, so Mass went long and then we fought a head to head battle with Mother Nature, resulting in us not only running through a down pour, but being a little late to morning prayer. The day followed with our very last day at our work sites. Since we completed everything assigned to us in the first three days, today was very laid back by cleaning closests and organizing cabinets. Once finished, we took time to reflect on the week and how much it impacted our lives. It was a bittersweet goodbye to Miss Paulyn but she loved the cross we gave to her, especially since we all signed the back of it. While leaving, Eileen decided to take us to the St. Louis Cathedral and Basilica. It was an amazing experience to see what a true masterpiece looks like. Over all we are excited to come home but will truly miss the people we worked with and will keep them in our hearts forever.

Show me the way

Today we were given the rare opportunity to minister to the chronically homeless. We started by thoughtfully and prayerfully putting together care packages as well as food bags, making 100 sandwiches for 50 bags total. Once they were assembled, we followed Miss Paulyn’ s team directly to the various “campsites” of the homeless. They were all very excited to see Miss Paulyn and they were equally as greatful when they saw us get out of the cars to deliver their packages. Although the visits were brief, they gave us a little insight to their lives, which broke all of our stereotypical thoughts. They are joyful and generous people who have created a community of their own, hidden in the city.  Today’s experience not only touched their hearts but ours as well and we are happy to have helped the people in need.