Final Day of Mission Camp

Final Day of Mission Camp:  On this our last day of Mission Camp, the day met us with thunderstorms and rain; fortunately, we had inside work planned for the day.  After several days out in the community, we wanted to give one day back to St Peter Parish.  On Tuesday, we had already worked several hours in the Old St Peter Cemetery and School Playground; today we helped Jackie Schuh, Religious Education Secretary, organize the Religious Education Office and supplies for the upcoming formation year.  There were too many years worth of old supplies to go through, organize, label and re-shelve so the catechist could more easily find what they needed for their classrooms.  It was tedious work, but we made much fun out of it.  The campers decided that even the most boring or tedious work is made much easier when it is shared among friends.

Some camper’s final thoughts on Mission Camp:

At Mission Camp, I learned that we can offer our hard work and suffering towards someone who needs prayer.

Something I learned about God is that He brings people who know little to nothing about each -other together to become great friends.

At Mission Camp I learned that even if the work is hard, I remember that I am doing something good for someone else, so I just keep going.  I discovered in whatever I am doing, God is always there to push me forward.  I thought Mission Camp was awesome.

Through Mission Camp I learned new thing about myself.  I learned I can survive without much technology and that it is good to take a break to spend time with God and others.  I also learned I can get excited to do work or help others, and not only care about myself.  During the week, we focused on a Bible verse which centered around dying to yourself to grow fruit for the sake of others.  I discovered that God really wants the best for us, buts acts through us to meet the needs of others.  I discovered that putting God’s plan for others and the world before my own helped me to care and understand them enough to want to help.  Mission Camp was a great experience for me to do service in the community, but also to find myself.




Day 3 Middle School Mission Camp

Another beautiful day at Mission Camp.  Today we worked with the Slinger Parks and Recreation Department helping an Eagle Scout with his project; he is creating a Ten Hole Disc Golf Course in Upper Fireman’s Park.  We cleared brush, sticks and logs to create and then mulch 2 of the 10 Fairways, Tees and Basket/Hole for the Disc Golf Course.

After a delicious lunch, we worked at Slinger Park Pool planting flowers and weeding gardens.  Josh T. treated us to ice cream and a spirited game of volleyball.

In the Evening, Deacon Bob and Ann Hayden shared “Holy Ghost” stories around a campfire, all complete with s’mores and Ann’s cute puppies.  We all fell into bed this night dreaming about the beautiful days we have shared, the many people we have touched and those who have touched us.  God is good, sharing His Blessing through the lives of those around us.


Day 2 – Middle School Mission Camp

After a restful night, the day greeted us with beautiful blue skies and favorable temperatures. We spent the morning at St. Peter Parish, mulching the playground and weeding around the graves in Old St.20160621_132659 Peter Cemetery.

Rebecca made us a delicious lunch, for which we were very grateful. Then we headed out to Autumn Oaks Assisted Living Center where we helped residents paint their nails and water their flowers; we made them a fruit salad for snack and played a spirited game of “Horse Races” with them. We very much enjoyed our time with the residents, it helped us to realize that the simplest act of kindness can brighten another persons day and bring an unexpected “joy” that is shared in God’s Name. We enjoyed a little fun time swimming at Slinger Pond in the late afternoon and returned St. Peter for evening Mass and some “Fun Catechetic Games” with Ann Hayden.

Day 1 – Middle School Mission Camp 2016

“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit.” John 12:24

Camp began with a great mission lesson from Colleen Waech; she helped us to understand how in giving ourselves away,we grow with Jesus.

Our first work site for the week was Holy Hill. Mike greeted us with a long list of tasks, the greatest of which was pulling weeds.

There were so many weeds, we thought we would never finish; the more we pulled, it seemed like the more we still had to pull. It made us think about our relationship with God; the more He forgives us, the more we need His forgiveness.

Tom told us to just focus on one weed at a time, it won’t seem so overwhelming and slowly the job would get done; I suppose that is how God works with us, just one little weakness at a time, when that weakness becomes a strength, then on to the next. Blessed be God forever. After about 3 hours of weeding, we did lots of bush and tree trimming, hauled an abundance of branches and swept gravel.

It was a gloriously beautiful day on Holy Hill; we were grateful for the breeze, which made the heat tolerable, and the many visitors who thanked us for our work.