Feeling Inspired at Dickeyville Grotto

A beautiful day to visit Dickeyville Grotto, Kaylee gave us a very informative tour.  We walked the grounds admiring all that Father Wernerus had so faithfully built.  It was amazing how Father had the vision to do something so remarkable, every stone, glass piece and shell so meticulously placed to create the pictures and statues.  We visited the gift shop and church garage sale.

Made it to Rochester Minnesota by 5:30pm, familiarized ourselves with the city and enjoyed dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings; then headed to Assisi Heights Spirituality Center, our host site for the weekend.

Sister Judy greeted us at Assisi Heights Spirituality Center and gave us a complete tour.  To our surprise the Assisi Heights – Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel is one of the designated Holy Door sites for the diocese of Winona, Minn.  So we took advantage of the Mercy being offered, we prayed for the Holy Father Pope Francis and we prayed more for our friend Jose Rivera.

We are excited to be here in this Holy Place, we look forward to doing some Mission Work for the Sister of St Francis tomorrow morning.

We are praying for all of you, please pray for us.